Survey responses from the Conservative Party of Canada

The Conservative Party of Canada has responded. While they did not respond to our survey questions, they have provided us with information about two policies that are related to animal welfare issues which you can read below.

Postpone the Humane Transport Regulations to Ensure They are Based on Complete Evidence: To ensure that new regulations on the humane transportation of animals are based on complete evidence, we will postpone their coming into force until we have conducted a review. Through regulation, the federal government ensures the welfare of animals during transport. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is pushing forward with updates to these regulations that are not based on the latest facts. Farmers care deeply about the wellbeing of their animals and they want to take reasonable steps to ensure their safety. (Page 31 of Conservative Party of Canada platform)

Reduce the Prevalence of “Ghost Gear”: To protect our oceans against one of the deadliest forms of marine litter, we will work to reduce abandoned and lost gear, known as “ghost gear.” Ghost gear entangles marine wildlife and significantly contributes to the world’s oceans’ plastic problem. (Page 34 of Conservative Party of Canada platform)