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Wild animal ownership laws in Canada

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* Indicates the risk to animal welfare in the region.

Protect wild animals in your province. Take action now by sending a letter to the Minister responsible for wild animal ownership.

The Problem

Wild animals are beautiful creatures that thrive in their natural environments. But many wild animals are being poached from the wild or bred in captivity to fulfill an increasing demand for non-traditional ‘pets’ in Canada.

Weak laws enable this inhumane wildlife trade. Help protect wild animals and demand they live in the wild, not in a home. Send a letter to your Minister responsible for this issue to change wild animal ownership laws.

A threat to animals and a risk to you

Wild animals like snakes, tigers, parrots and turtles not only suffer in captivity, but place their owners and the local community at risk. Wild animals can be dangerous and spread infectious diseases – even if they have been pets for a long time or born in captivity. Maulings, bites, scratches and constriction are not uncommon and can inflict serious harm and even death.

Stronger laws will help protect these animals and reduce the risks they pose to Canadians.

See if your province protects its residents from wild animals

Take action now, protect wild animals in Canada

Select your province below to see what you can do to help protect wild animals in your region.